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In this site you will find that card game you were searching for years, or the others you were playing with your grandmother!


It is also not a bad idea to start playing some unusual game from the ones found here!


The games are completely freeware. If you want to make a donation, make it to the Doctors Without Borders. Thank you in advance.


Drop me a note if you like the games. If you have any question not answered in the FAQ section, you can contact me.


IMPORTANT:  WINDOWS 10, WINDOWS 8 - compatible versions of the games are being uploaded to depositfiles:


Bundle A contains the following 23 card games (upgraded versions for Win10, Win8, Win7, Vista, WinXP):

1. 3-13 (three-thirteen)
2. 3 Kings
3. 98/99
4. Alouette
5. Ashush
6. Auction 45's
7. Avissinia
8. Back Alley
9. Basra
10. Belote
11. Big Two
12. Briscola
13. Brus
14. Brusquembille
15. Bum
16. Carioca
17. Casino (Cassino)
18. Chasse-Coeur
19. Chinese Ten
20. Cicera
21. Cirulla
22. Coteccio
23. Cuccu


Bundle B contains the following 21 card games (upgraded versions for Win10, Win8, Win7, Vista, WinXP):
1. Diloti
2. Don
3. Eights (Crazy Eights, Agonia)
4. Empat Satu (41)
5. Epta
6. Escoba
7. Fourty One (41)
8. Frog
9. German Whist
10. Golf
11. Hara Kiri
12. Hearts (Hearts, Black Maria, Koupes)
13. Hokm
14. Hola
15. Israeli Whist
16. Kalter Schlag
17. Kaluki
18. King
19. Kontsina (Kontsina, Khol, Pirra)
20. Koum Kan
21. Kseri (Kseri, Pishti, Zing)

More bundles will follow. Thank you all for your interest and for your notifications!


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